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Do you want your posts to be likes automatically when you post them on Facebook? Then you will need to make use of an auto liker service for Facebook. In the article below, we would be taking a look at some of the top auto likers. How about you buy likes for your posts on Facebook so that others will want to interact with the post because it has generated some likes? Sounds like a good plan right? Well, there is an even better plan — which is instead of specifying the posts to be liked, all you have to do is pay for a like package and the service will keep monitoring your profile, and once a new post is detected, the service starts sending likes to it without your direct involvement.

A better plan it is but that is if you end up with good auto-like service. Unfortunately, there are a good number of them that strive based on hype alone. If you do not check well, you will end up purchasing auto likes that would get your account suspended or get removed after the likes have been delivered to you.

It is for this reason that this article has been written; to provide users with recommendations on the best auto-like service for Facebook to use.

The convention for buying likes is that you provide a URL to the post you want to buy likes for and the likes get delivered to it. However, this is manual and singles out just a post. Instead of doing that, why not have a service that would automatically send your new posts likes without you providing URLs? The auto in the auto-like term means automatic, so you can see the term as automatically liking a post.

How this is done is simple. The service monitors your profile and waits for you to make a post. Once the new post is detected, it starts sending the number of likes you bought. If you take a look at things critically, auto likes are not different from regular likes. They only differ in the sense that one is automated and you do not need to provide details of a post to get likes delivered to them while that needs to be done for another.

Another key difference is that for auto-like services, they need to monitor your profile to detect new posts and send likes and in regular likes, it is a one-off service where followers are delivered, and no need to monitor your profile. Auto liking is a new method when compared to regular likes and includes some form of automation to drip feed likes and can be seen as a better approach compared to the old method of buying likes. From the above, you already have knowledge of what an auto liker service is and what you stand to gain from it.

In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the best websites you can buy auto likes from in other to have some social proof to encourage others to interact with your posts.

The AutoLiker service is one of the options out there if you want to generate likes on autopilot. According to the information on the AutoLiker website, the website has been used to deliver million likes, million reactions, and 62 million followers. The service has got over 97 active users. This tool is one of the easy tools out there that you can use for getting automatic likes and other forms of engagements such as reactions and even followers.

For you to make use of this tool, you will need to log into Facebook. You can use a fake Facebook account though. The Machine Liker website is one of the few websites you can get likes and other forms of engagements from. From the name of this website, you can tell it is a liking app. In other to make use of this service, you will not only make sure you are logged into Facebook, but you also need to configure your profile and keep your posts public and only public posts can be liked using this service.

As a service that requires you to stay logged in, it is advisable to use a fake Facebook account to avoid getting your account compromised or blocked for being part of the scheme. Vivo Liker is one of the services set up to help social media users exchange engagements. It does have support for more than one social media platform but Facebook is one of its major platforms.

For you to make use of this service, you need an access token to log into Facebook and the access token must be for Android or iOS. The service provides a guide on how to retrieve an access token to use for logging in. If your access token is expired, you need to request a new one. This Facebook auto liker has been in the market for a while now. The Auto Liker for Facebook is one of the sites you can get auto likes and even comments for your post on Facebook. If you visit this website, you will see be greeted with an input box to provide your access token.

It is with the access token that the service will log into your account. If you do not want to give access to your real account which is actually not advisable, you should create a fake account.

The website even provides a tool that will fetch your access token if you log into your account. The Free Liker App is an Android app that you can use to get more likes, reactions, and even followers. For you to make use of this service, you will need to have it installed on your Android device and then log into your Facebook account. For this service, you are made to like the posts of other users and in return, earn coins. With the coins, you can then buy likes and comments, and they get delivered almost immediately.

One thing you will also come to like is that there is an option for buying coins to avoid completing tasks to earn coins. The safety depends largely on the service you use. On a general note, Facebook auto liker services and apps are not safe.

This is because you are giving them your access code which gives them permission to access the account and they could compromise the account you give them permission. Not only that, there is also the issue of Facebook blocking your account because of suspicion or even as a penalty.

For this reason, the best thing to do is to use a fake Facebook account. Contrary to what many would want to believe, the use of auto liking software to boost the number of likes you have is not illegal.

It is acceptable so far you do not use that for something fraudulent. However, Facebook as a platform does not allow the use of such software and as such, has systems in place to block users of such tools and that is why you should use a tested and tested solution to avoid getting blocked. From the above, you can see that you can send likes to your posts or pages on Facebook by using auto liker services. However, it is important you know that there are always chances of getting discovered, and once that happens, you will not only lose those likes, you might also get suspended for fake engagements.

For this treason, it is best you use this tool in a minimal way. What is a Proxy Port? Default Proxy Port number , , …. Top 10 Data Collector of


[Facebook auto like app for pc free download

Download Facebook Photo Auto Like Software – best software for Windows. FB Like Button Generator: FB Like Button Generator is an application that you will. Download Auto Liker for Facebook for Windows to automate likes on Facebook posts. Auto Liker for Facebook has had 0 updates within the past. Get Instant and Free Fb Auto Likes, Auto Reactions, Auto Comments, Fanpage Likes and Auto Followers. Get Likes Upto k Per Day. Best and working Auto.


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