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The punisher video game pc download. Download The Punisher (Windows)


Basically, not a happy bunny. The plot occurs in flashback, from a prison cell, as the police reconstruct a particularly violent chapter in the Punisher’s life, slashing and burning his way through a crime family in an effort to rid the world of scum. At this point you might be noticing some parallels with Max Payne 2 to which the game has frequently and generously been compared but The Punisher doesn’t enjoy any of that game’s finesse: the physics, the slow-motion choreography, the delicately arranged domino explosions.

Instead, Volition’s effort consists almost entirely of unsubtle room clearing, as you cut your way through hordes of criminals on your way to uncertain revenge. Admittedly, things are spiced up to some degree by an occasional outburst of cruelty no longer graphic but still nasty and an insubstantial reward system. This revolves around a ‘punishment metre’ that fills up according to how much pain you dish out in each level and how you go about it.

You’re rewarded for saving innocents, letting a criminal go when he succumbs to interrogation and not getting shot, but also for being as sadistic as possible in your variety of killing techniques.

Options include shooting people, throwing them out of windows, performing quick executions, knifing them through the face in ‘rage’ mode or torturing them to death in the show-stopping interrogation scenes. As a concession to decency, the latter actually loses you points, though in some cases you’re rewarded with a brief cut-scene, so it goes both ways. Ironically, The Punisher may have been a better game if it were more offensive.

As it stands, the only affront is how bland and repetitive it is and how heavily it relies on violent gimmickry. It’s attempted to follow in the footsteps of games like Manhunt , but it hasn’t even managed to get the controversy right, and the result is not worth getting worked up about in any fashion.

The stench is everywhere. But now Jigsaw and his band of drug lords will be taught a lesson in justice – Punisher-style! There’s nowhere for them to hide. Packing his M60 machine gun, nitro-charged grenades and heat-seeking rockets, The Punisher will hunt them down from the urban New York jungle to the voodoo-infested wilds of South America With Spider-Man at his side, hundreds of enemies will be given the Ultimate Payback!

This arcade translation is in the mode of a Final Fight , you take your character and run from left to right beating up all in sight. You can also play a two-player mode, where you can the cigar smokin’ Nick Fury.

We haven’t played this one yet, but when we do we’ll let you know if The Punisher deserves a good spanking or not. Right from the start, you realize this isn’t a game for wimps. As Frank Castle, alias “The Punisher”, you embark on a hunt for drug dealers at the local shopping mall. Pretty soon you’re embroiled in a furious gunfight with bullets and bodies flying everywhere.

The Punisher subtitled “The Ultimate Payback” is based on a Marvel Comics character who seeks perpetual revenge for the gangland murder of his family. But this game is really a carnival-style shooting gallery. Rather than ducks and rabbits on a conveyor belt, your targets are gun-toting drug thugs at a suburban shopping mall, a marina, an airport, a jungle, and a secret enemy hideout.

Everything takes place from a first-person point of view – you never see your own character. Instead, you move a gun sight around the screen to aim your shots and throw grenades. And like the targets in a shooting gallery, the action scrolls steadily from right to left.

At first you’re armed with a slow-firing pistol. But some bad guys leave behind power-ups when they’re shot, so you can collect ammo clips, grenades, machine guns, bulletproof vests, first aid kits, additional lives, and rocket launchers. The bulletproof vests reduce the injury you suffer from enemy gunshots, and the first aid kits restore your energy. In fact, power-ups are hidden everywhere in this game, so you’re encouraged to spray bullets at shop windows, elevators, parked airplanes, wooden crates, storage barrels – you name it.

However, don’t shoot the innocent bystanders, who are weirdly unaware of all the gunplay. At the mall, for instance, you’ll see women shoppers looking for bargains; at the marina, fishermen are sitting lazily on the docks. If you gun down a bystander, you’re penalized half the energy on your life meter. Spider-man, another Marvel Comics character, makes a cameo appearance in stage 1 to help you rescue some hostages. If you accidentally shoot a hostage, the web- slinger will scold you.

The Punisher offers good graphics and lots of fast action. If the high body count doesn’t bother you, this is one of the best shooting games you’ll find for the Game Boy.

When mobsters gunned down Frank Castle’s family, he pledged vengeance. Now his pledge has expanded into a one-man war against crime. An ex-Marine and former police investigator, Castle is now The Punisher. Equipped with the best weapons money can buy, this avenger’s hallmarks include a bad temper and high body counts. The justice he dispenses is rude and brutal. In The Punisher, the popular Marvel Comics character is the star of his own fast-action Nintendo game.

He’s pitted against Kingpin, a gangster who is at the core of crime in the Big Apple. On his way to Rikers Island, where Jigsaw is waiting, The Punisher has to rid New York City of a wide variety of nuisances – tanks, helicopters, soldiers, and ninjas. Fortunately, our modern-day Lone Ranger has hardware that even Rambo would envy – grenades, rockets, a machine gun, and countless rounds of ammunition.

As you fight your way through the game, you must also keep an eye out for first aid kits, bulletproof vests, extra ammo, and additional lives. To grab them, all you have to do is what comes naturally to The Punisher – blast ’em as soon as they appear. Unlike the comic book series, the Nintendo game features no intrigue, which means there’s little need for strategy or thoughtful deliberation. All you really have to do is keep your finger on the trigger and destroy everything that pops up. Brute force rules the day.

When facing Kingpin’s henchmen, ignore the advice offered by the instruction manual: Don’t engage in hand-to-hand combat, despite The Punisher’s reputation for fisticuffs. Fire from a distance whenever possible. The crisp graphics, though not stunning, are good enough to let you identify what’s happening on the screen.

That’s crucial, since detecting enemies as soon as they appear is your only chance of survival. Overall, The Punisher is a good-quality game with no major flaws. But if you already have a favorite shooter, you’ll find no new territory here. You are Frank Castle, a. Your family was wiped out by drug lords, and you’ve dedicated your life to getting revenge – Punisher style!

The worst of them all, Jigsaw, has started a huge drug operation that affects even young children at the local mall. Bring down your own brand of justice with the help of your friendly neighborhood Spider Man! It’s time to show these drug pushers who’s really the boss!

After local crime figures gunned down his family, the Punisher has become a one man crusade against evil! Help him fight the drug lords and gangs that are terrorizing the city. Even Spiderman is willing to give you a hand! The Punisher, by LJN, has a first-person shooting perspective.

Power up icons are hidden in objects scattered throughout the levels, as well as on the enemies themselves. Shoot everything except the innocent bystanders on the screen to uncover tons of weapons, health, and 1-ups! Be sure to shoot all of the enemies!

After each level, you will receive a tally of the number of enemies shot. You may be outnumbered, but you’re not outgunned! It’s the not too distant future and crime lords and drug pushers are running rampant. You’re the last person who seems to care about law and order. Set out to clean up the city and go for the boss himself – Jigsaw! Spiderman comes to help you in the supermarket and after the hostages are rescued, move on to the marina, airport and Jigsaw himself.

Grab more ammo and stronger weapons as you progress. Based on the comic book character and modified from the NES version, The Punisher on Game Boy has our anti-hero blowing the place to bits, with an assortment of weapons that are indeed – very deadly. Not much new here in this Operation Wolf clone and too repetitive! Operation Wolf Jr. The cameo appearance by Spiderman is a great idea sounds like one of our April Fool jokes and perhaps we’ll see more.

As a shooter it’s tough to see everything on the tiny screen. Great graphics and plenty to shoot at though. I don’t like this game because the sounds really annoy me and playing this type of shooting game on a little screen is a real punishment on the eyes. The graphics are above average as far as GB goes and it has a few cool features. Just an average black and white Operation Wolf.

Set in the first person perspective, Punisher is unique as a GameBoy shooter. Its main difficulty would have to be the horrible sound quality, but the game’s play ability was good and the graphics are okay. It was really cool to have a special guest appearance by Spiderman, too. The Punisher is back on the streets, doling out his particular brand of justice. Unfortunately, he must be cruising on the Streets of Rage because this game is almost identical to that classic series.

It seems that The Punisher is married to the mob. He tracked them down by investigating their money-laundering scheme in the Cayman Islands, and now their trail leads him back to the city for average beat-em-up action.

Besides standard punching and jumping, there is a series of special moves, such as the Power Dive and Head Slam. But getting these moves to work requires a lot of frustrating button pressing. Throwing a grenade is easier in real life. You can also invite a friend to play as Nick Fury, the S.

The graphics never come close to the coin-op game that this game is based on. You’ve seen the enemies in Streets of Rage, so don’t expect anything spectacular.

Even the bosses seem puny. The music and sounds aren’t any better than the graphics. Weak enemy groans and minimal auxiliary sound effects just add to the Punisher’s misery. Capcom’s The Punisher is limited in creativity, which makes it limited in appeal.

Fans of the skull-on-the-leotards hero will definitely groan when they see what’s been done to their vigilante. The only satisfied gamers might be Streets of Rage fans who haven’t had enough. The Punisher is a hard-charging beat- em-up game, starring two of Marvel Comics’ toughest heroes.

The Punisher, of course, is Frank Castle, a self-appointed vigilante with a major attitude about crime. Together they wage a two-player war against the henchmen and minions of the Kingpin, a rotund criminal mastermind. Six levels of intense beat-em-up action pit you against a never-ending gang of street creeps. Each level also features a famous Marvel Comics’ villain, such as the Bushwacker and Jigsaw. The Punisher and Fury toss a flurry of flying kicks, throws, and high-and-low punches.

I spent nearly 2 hours attempting to download this and I only got a patch! As well as the fucking key components for a game Woolies Hulk Doll 3 points. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. If you have trouble to run The Punisher Windows , read the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Various files to help you run The Punisher, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Developer Volition, Inc. Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view.

Download 1. Description of The Punisher If you haven’t played The Punisher or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Captures and Snapshots Windows. See older comments Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.

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