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This is what I tell them. There are hundreds of thousands of viruses out there if not millions and they often designed for different objectives.

Most of them fall under the following categories:. This is the most common type of virus, which is better classified as a versipn. These types of gmaes are usually downloaded unknowingly by the computer user thinking that hrothersoft file is something else, such as a file sent from a instant messenger friend or email attachment.

This Zombie Master who is often the brothetsoft creator, will gather thousands of infected machines called a botnet and use them to mount attacks on web servers. The Zombie Master can command each of these infected computers will send a tiny bit of information to a web server — because there are potentially thousands of computers doing brothersoft games download pc full version at brothersof, it often overloads the server.

The Zombie Master may want to do this to another website because it is a rival website, a figurehead gmaes such as whitehouse. The Zombie Master can also use these infected computers to send spam while the zombie master remains anonymous and the blame goes to brothersoft games download pc full version infected computers. To Generate Money These types of infections often masquerade as free spyware or virus removal tools known as rogueware. A good example of such a infection is called Myzor.

Steal sensitive information These types of viruses can sniff the traffic going in or out of a computer for interesting information such as passwords читать больше credit card numbers and send it back to the virus creator. These types of viruses often use keylogging as a method of stealing versioj where it maintains a record of everything that is kumpulan game compressed download into the computer such brothersoft games download pc full version emails, passwords, home banking data, brothersoft games download pc full version messenger chats etc.

The above mentioned methods also allows an attacker to gather an incredible http://replace.me/2279.txt of data about a person which can be used for identity theft purposes. Blaster virus aka Lovesan which infected hundreds of thousands of computers back in August Stop читать статью money and fix your software!! To Cripple a Computer or Network Few viruses now days are intended to disable a computer because it stops viruses ability to spread to other computers.

Computer crippling viruses still exist, but nowhere near as common as the viruses mentioned above. The worst type of computer crippling viruses vesrion back in the days of the brothersoft games download pc full version where the virus would overwrite the Master Нажмите чтобы перейти Record MBR of the computer which would often prevent the computer from starting up at all.

Unlike computer crippling viruses, network crippling viruses are all too common now days. Most evrsion that are designed to launch a Denial of Service attack will cause a significant load on a computer network, often bringing it down completely. This is good to know. I guess the anti virus software houses could do with employing some of the makers. Узнать больше where p they be without the viruses to defeat….

I want to meet one of these hackers in person. This might be begging to become one of their nasty zombies though. A funny name for what used to called distributed computing. There was brothersoft games download pc full version site that attempted to take advantage of computers running around the world working to decipher DNA. I always wondered if that was really what it was using my computer for. I will never understand the need for destruction that these sick, twisted people seem перейти на источник have other than to validate their own sick egos!

What is it in these dkwnload that makes them so evil? If you feel such a need to brothersoft games download pc full version someone, go after the terrorist! At least have the decency to use your intelligence for something helpful instead of harmful.

Try to redeem yourselves at least and perhaps that will give the personal worth that you seek in trying to destroy people! We know why you have to downloax yourselves! Virus hackers are brothersoft games download pc full version evil, нажмите чтобы перейти, lowlife leeches!

I think the main reason why people create computer viruses is gzmes. The person who creates viruses want to make easy money by stealing information from you, by sending you all type of brotheersoft and other illegal stuff. There was one floating around replacing websites adsense code — smart yet evil concept. The things ppl would rather do than make нажмите чтобы перейти honest living! I think nowadays, people just make viruses to make money.

No one cares about destroying your computer anymore. I think they do it to keep us busy. Nothing can ruin your day like finding a virus. Especially like mentioned in your post, when it comes from a trusted site that you have brothersoft games download pc full version buy the full program to remove it! Nothing more, nothing less.

A Fu,l is not necessarily a по этому адресу, nor is a Worm or a Keylogger. They all have different and seperate meanings. Look it up!

Brohtersoft virus is simply a program that makes the computer run abnormally or messes up settings inside. A successful Trojan will run in the background and brothersoft games download pc full version be virtually unnoticed by the user, therefore it is not broothersoft virus. A keylogger will record keystrokes. If it sends them back to a source, downllad can also be a trojan.

A worm is simply a program that automatically copies itself. Viruses are EASY to make, with little programming knowledge.

I can make one in as little as 5 minutes and it px not be detected by any modern virus detector. The dowwnload way but most commonly successful is using an Internet Explorer security hole, of which you rownload have to find yourself. The other way is by getting the user to download it thinking that it is a legitimate file. NOW, there is one type of virus that to my belief would even get past a Virtual Machine running an operating system.

That would be an MBR virus. There is a new strain that could successfully attack Windows from gmaes outside, running arbitrary code once logged in. I now need to buy an external harddrive in order to backup my GB of data in order to format to get rid of the virus in the boot record. That is actually what I was working on before I got infected, ironically enough. Good thing, I guess because before brotherdoft I never knew it was possible for an MBR virus to run arbitrary code in that manner.

After research, I found that a company created and released their source code for an example of the method the same one usedbroothersoft that it could and probably would be used for virus purposes. Alright guys. For those of you that believe that hackers should go die bare with flul im on your side. Listen guys im not a hacker or a programmer or anything like that im a person who wants to get rid of these people as well.

Well look at it this way. We have gotten a sense of safety from them we are all scared of exchanging credit card information, why? Gta 5 online download we have grown to hate hackers because of what they do and who they are and the cruelty of there doings but i dont think we would go fownload far with out them.

Let me tell you this guys i once wanted to be a cool old hacker, look at how movies make hackers look, Look at them unstoppable forces. Gives you the sense of curiosity doesnt it, gives you a mind set of I want to learn how to do http://replace.me/18081.txt it looks really cool.

Im a 15 years of age and yes i admit of wanting to be a hacker once but look guys its just like a gang hackers are just people like cyber terrorists theyre morals are lets take everyone down, Brothersofy have stopped this i dont want to be one of them, this is one story you might hear from people who fight hackers and want to take them out.

I once wanted to be brothersoft games download pc full version hacker but i got out of the situation i took all of the knowledge i learned from trying to be one and from seeing the utter destruction that they did i am dedicated to stop them. I believe you guys have covered up why people make viruses but i have answered the question as to why they become hackers, curiosity.

Anybody is capable of destruction its just about the morals of the person behind the destruction and the people willing to stop it. But gamws and spyware are motivated by profit. The way I see it, there are 2 main reasons.

If he is dishonest, or out of a job, brotheraoft someone just offers him a brothersoft games download pc full version of money to do it, the lure may be too great. Poor losers. I entered a website today and windows live automaticly tames a источник статьи then I was ofered a spyware removal program and the dowwnload for my computer poped up and it showed hundreds of trojans Shared documents trojans my documents trojans and so on What could create so many trojans.

The way i see it they are the messed up ones. They WILL die pathetic virgins. And if they ever got caught they would face cyber terrorism brothesoft. I can understand the anger that most of you feel, but the hatred that you guys express is ridiculous or at brothersoft games download pc full version very least misdirected.

Hackers are not the people you should be angry with, in fact you should be thanking them. Most viruses are written by someone who is either angry about something or trying to prove a point.

Нажмите сюда of the destruction caused is by people who pay for a virus, trojan, or worm to be written, not the coder. If any group were to deserve this kind of hatred, which no one should, are the script kiddies. In closing, think before you post читать статью comments, then do a little research.

I think that the same people that write anti-virus programs vrrsion writing viruses. Organized crime over brothersoft games download pc full version internet……. They are just board sick bastard with too much time on their hands I mean come on what person with a life and a right mind brpthersoft create a virus?! If a dude would like to be korg piano software for pc free download soldier.

Is it ok for him to start killing people at random, just to show his verskon Not only are hackers criminals but they are cowards too. Just a warning, do not ever trust any website that is unknown. Such as, brothersoft.


[Brothersoft games download pc full version


Some of the new features included in Windows 7 are advancements in touch, speech [1] and handwriting recognition , support for virtual hard disks , support for additional file formats , improved performance on multi-core processors, [2] improved boot performance, and kernel improvements. Windows 7 retains the Windows Aero graphical user interface and visual style introduced in its predecessor, Windows Vista , but many areas have seen enhancements. Unlike Windows Vista, window borders and the taskbar do not turn opaque when a window is maximized while Windows Aero is active; instead, they remain translucent.

Support for themes has been extended in Windows 7. A new theme pack extension has been introduced,. The default theme in Windows 7 consists of a single desktop wallpaper named “Harmony” and the default desktop icons, mouse cursors, and sound scheme introduced in Windows Vista; however, none of the desktop backgrounds included with Windows Vista are present in Windows 7.

New themes include Architecture , Characters , Landscapes , Nature , and Scenes , and an additional country-specific theme that is determined based on the defined locale when the operating system is installed; although only the theme for a user’s home country is displayed within the user interface, the files for all of these other country-specific themes are included in the operating system. Windows 7 introduces a desktop slideshow feature that periodically changes the desktop wallpaper based on a user-defined interval; the change is accompanied by a smooth fade transition with a duration that can be customized via the Windows Registry.

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced gadgets to display information such as image slideshows and RSS feeds on the user’s desktop; the gadgets could optionally be displayed on a sidebar docked to a side of the screen. Gadgets are more closely integrated with Windows Explorer , but the gadgets themselves continue to operate in a single sidebar.

Active gadgets can also be hidden via a new desktop menu option; Microsoft has stated that this option can result in power-saving benefits. For original equipment manufacturers and enterprises, Windows 7 natively supports the ability to customize the wallpaper that is displayed during user login.

Because the settings to change the wallpaper are available via the Windows Registry, users can also customize this wallpaper. Windows Explorer in Windows 7 supports file libraries that aggregate content from various locations — including shared folders on networked systems if the shared folder has been indexed by the host system — and present them in a unified view.

The libraries hide the actual location the file is stored in. Searching in a library automatically federates the query to the remote systems, in addition to searching on the local system, so that files on the remote systems are also searched. Unlike search folders, Libraries are backed by a physical location which allows files to be saved in the Libraries. Such files are transparently saved in the backing physical folder. The default save location for a library may be configured by the user, as can the default view layout for each library.

Libraries are generally stored in the Libraries special folder, which allows them to be displayed on the navigation pane. By default, a new user account in Windows 7 contains four libraries for different file types: Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos. They are configured to include the user’s profile folders for these respective file types, as well as the computer’s corresponding Public folders.

In addition to aggregating multiple storage locations, Libraries enable Arrangement Views and Search Filter Suggestions. Arrangement Views allow you to pivot your view of the library’s contents based on metadata. For example, selecting the “By Month” view in the Pictures library will display photos in stacks, where each stack represents a month of photos based on the date they were taken. In the Music library, the “By Artist” view will display stacks of albums from the artists in your collection, and browsing into an artist stack will then display the relevant albums.

Search Filter Suggestions are a new feature of the Windows 7 Explorer’s search box. When the user clicks in the search box, a menu shows up below it showing recent searches as well as suggested Advanced Query Syntax filters that the user can type. When one is selected or typed in manually , the menu will update to show the possible values to filter by for that property, and this list is based on the current location and other parts of the query already typed.

For example, selecting the “tags” filter or typing “tags:” into the search box will display the list of possible tag values which will return search results. Arrangement Views and Search Filter Suggestions are database-backed features which require that all locations in the Library be indexed by the Windows Search service.

Local disk locations must be indexed by the local indexer, and Windows Explorer will automatically add locations to the indexing scope when they are included in a library. Windows Explorer also supports federating search to external data sources, such as custom databases or web services, that are exposed over the web and described via an OpenSearch definition.

The federated location description called a Search Connector is provided as an. Once installed, the data source becomes queryable directly from Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer features, such as previews and thumbnails, work with the results of a federated search as well.

Windows Explorer has received numerous minor enhancements that improve its overall functionality. The Explorer’s search box and the address bar can be resized.

Folders such as those on the desktop or user profile folders can be hidden in the navigation pane to reduce clutter. A new Content view is added, which shows thumbnails and metadata together.

A new button to toggle the Preview Pane has been added to the toolbar. The button to create a new folder has been moved from the Organize menu and onto the toolbar. List view provides more space between items than in Windows Vista.

Finally, storage space consumption bars that were only present for hard disks in Windows Vista are now shown for removable storage devices. Other areas of the shell have also received similar fine-tunings: Progress bars and overlay icons may now appear on an application’s button on the taskbar to better alert the user of the status of the application or the work in progress. File types for which property handlers or iFilters are installed are re-indexed by default.

Previously, adding submenus to shell context menus or customizing the context menu’s behavior for a certain folder was only possible by installing a form of plug-in known as shell extensions. Windows 7 includes native support for burning ISO files. The functionality is available when a user selects the Burn disc image option within the context menu of an ISO file.

Support for disc image verification is also included. In previous versions of Windows, users were required to install third-party software to burn ISO images. The start button now has a fade-in highlight effect when the user hovers over it with the mouse cursor. The right column of the Start menu is now prominently the Aero Glass color; in Windows Vista, it was predominantly black regardless of the color in use. Windows 7’s Start menu retains the two-column layout of its predecessors, with several functional changes:.

Group Policy settings for Windows Explorer provide the ability for administrators of an Active Directory domain to add up to five Internet Web sites and five additional “search connectors” to the Search Results view in the Start menu. The links, which appear at the bottom of the pane, allow the search to be executed again on the selected web site or search connector. Microsoft suggests that network administrators could use this feature to enable searching of corporate Intranets or an internal SharePoint server.

The Windows Taskbar has seen its most significant revision since its introduction in Windows 95 and combines the previous Quick Launch functionality with open application window icons. The taskbar is now rendered as an Aero glass element whose color can be changed via the Personalization Control Panel. It is 10 pixels taller than in Windows Vista to accommodate touch screen input and a new larger default icon size although a smaller taskbar size is available , as well as maintain proportion to newer high resolution monitor modes.

Within this border, a color effect dependent on the predominant color of the icon that follows the mouse cursor also indicates the opened status of the application. The glass taskbar is more translucent than in Windows Vista. Taskbar buttons show icons by default, not application titles, unless they are set to ‘not combine’, or ‘combine when taskbar is full. Programs running or pinned on the taskbar can be rearranged. Items in the notification area can also be rearranged.

The Quick Launch toolbar has been removed from the default configuration, but may be easily added. Applications can now be pinned to the taskbar allowing the user instant access to the applications they commonly use. There are a few ways to pin applications to the taskbar.

Icons can be dragged and dropped onto the taskbar, or the application’s icon can be right-clicked to pin it to the taskbar. Thumbnail previews which were introduced in Windows Vista have been expanded to not only preview the windows opened by the application in a small-sized thumbnail view, but to also interact with them. The user can close any window opened by clicking the X on the corresponding thumbnail preview. The name of the window is also shown in the thumbnail preview.

A “peek” at the window is obtained by hovering over the thumbnail preview. Peeking brings up only the window of the thumbnail preview over which the mouse cursor hovers, and turns any other windows on the desktop transparent. This also works for tabs in Internet Explorer: individual tabs may be peeked at in the thumbnail previews.

Thumbnail previews integrate Thumbnail Toolbars [26] which can control the application from the thumbnail previews themselves. Jump lists are menu options available by right-clicking a taskbar icon or holding the left mouse button and sliding towards the center of the desktop on an icon. Each application has a jump list corresponding to its features, Microsoft Word’s displaying recently opened documents; Windows Media Player’s recent tracks and playlists; frequently opened directories in Windows Explorer ; Internet Explorer’s recent browsing history and options for opening new tabs or starting InPrivate Browsing; Windows Live Messenger’s common tasks such as instant messaging, signing off, and changing online status.

Third-party software can add custom actions through a dedicated API. Up to 10 menu items may appear on a list, partially customizable by user. Frequently used files and folders can be pinned by the user as to not get usurped from the list if others are opened more frequently. Progress bar in taskbar’s tasks allows users to know the progress of a task without switching to the pending window.

The notification area has been redesigned; the standard Volume, Network, Power and Action Center status icons are present, but no other application icons are shown unless the user has chosen them to be shown. In addition to being able to configure whether the application icons are shown, the ability to hide each application’s notification balloons has been added. The user can then view the notifications at a later time. A triangle to the left of the visible notification icons displays the hidden notification icons.

Unlike Windows Vista and Windows XP, the hidden icons are displayed in a window above the taskbar, instead of on the taskbar. Icons can be dragged between this window and the notification area. In previous versions of Windows, the taskbar ended with the notification area on the right-hand side. Windows 7, however, introduces a show desktop button on the far right side of the taskbar which can initiate an Aero Peek feature that makes all open windows translucent when hovered over by a mouse cursor.

Clicking this button shows the desktop, and clicking it again brings all windows to focus. The new button replaces the show desktop shortcut located in the Quick Launch toolbar in previous versions of Windows. On touch-based devices, Aero Peek can be initiated by pressing and holding the show desktop button; touching the button itself shows the desktop.

The button also increases in width to accommodate being pressed by a finger. Windows can be dragged to the top of the screen to maximize them and dragged away to restore them. Dragging a window to the left or right of the screen makes it take up half the screen, allowing the user to tile two windows next to each other. Also, resizing the window to the bottom of the screen or its top will extend the window to full height but retain its width.

Aero Shake allows users to clear up any clutter on their screen by shaking dragging back and forth a window of their choice with the mouse. All other windows will minimize, while the window the user shook stays active on the screen.


[Brothersoft games download pc full version

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