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Hard drive size:. Speccy is safe to use since the application is free of adware and malware. Double-click setup. Kun ohjelma on ladattu ja asennettu, avustaja neuvoo sinua Windows n asetusten valinnassa. Displays all the necessary info. Please see below for information regarding some of the key removed features: Desktop Messaging App : The messaging app on Desktop has a sync feature that can be used to sync SMS text messages received from Windows Mobile and keep a copy of them on the Desktop. You may need to install updated drivers in Windows 10 for your devices to properly function.

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PC specifications determine which programs, processes, and games your machine can run. And they govern how smoothly and quickly your computer will perform, and how cojputer storage space you have.

Examples of PC specs include hard drive capacity and processor speed. PC specs can show you how well your computer can perform certain processes. See all Performance articles. A computer may run slowly — or even crash — if just one of the specs is too low for a particular application. Some video editing programs are incredibly resource-heavy, meaning they have to modify download windows live photo gallery update free video files.

The standard consumer-level PC will struggle to run these programs as intended. Manufacturers are constantly optimizing drivers, and your computer will run better if you update your drivers regularly. Thankfully, there are programs that will update all your drivers automatically, so you can spend more time working or playing, and less time setting up.

This screen will display a helpful summary of your hardware specs, such as processor type and memory RAMas well as your Device ID and information about your Windows installation. Click the Windows icon in the lower-left. Then, click Settings the gear icon. Knowing how to check PC specs is an important first-step in diagnosing any issues you may be having while windows 10 specs computer free download certain programs or apps. In the left navigation menu, click System Summary and then review the information displayed on the right-hand side.

PowerShell and Command Prompt are advanced ways of узнать больше Windows computers. PowerShell is a more advanced version that adds increased complexity and functionality. After a few seconds, your PC specs will appear.

You can scroll through the results to see more information about your operating system, processor, and available memory. The DirectX window contains different tabs at the top that you can navigate for various audio and video information. Intel is one of the main processor manufacturers, known for producing the most efficient but expensive processors.

Intel Core i7 has more processing power and multitasking capabilities than i3 or i5. This is a key spec to look for if you use video editing software, because i3 chips will feel noticeably slower. The higher computet number, the better the performance. U is a special designation for laptops, which must manage power efficiently to preserve battery life.

GHz or gigahertz represents the clock speed of a processor, which is essentially how many functions it can execute in a second.

The first number is the estimated clock speed windows 10 specs computer free download the processor, while the second number shows the actual current speed. Overclocking your CPU can boost performance beyond official manufacturer specifications, but at a greater risk of system failure due to overheating. If fdee overclock to try to get more performance than your specs might indicate, be sure to use a tool that monitors CPU temperature.

The Graphics Windows 10 specs computer free download Unit GPU — also перейти as a graphics card or video card — handles everything related to graphics. The GPU is one of the most important components when it comes to PC specs, especially for graphic designers, gamers, or other users requiring high-powered visual rendering. Then click Display adapters windows 10 specs computer free download download endnote x7 trial free the relevant information.

These comparison tools can windows 10 specs computer free download tell you how well your machine can run a certain game. According to UserBenchmarkthe HD is clearly the speca performing graphics card. But even the best graphics card is nothing without the windoss drivers.

Before you attempt to run a game, or diagnose any problem, update your graphics drivers first. And make sure you know how to check and update GPUs in Windows. And beware that pushing video cards past their design specs can shorten their lifespan dramatically.

RAM or random dosnload memory is another critical component for determining computer performance. In general, the more RAM, the better — although each gigabyte of RAM added yields increasingly diminishing returns to the point where anything above, say, 16GB of RAM will impact gree wallet much more significantly than it windows 10 specs computer free download improve PC performance.

This computer has 8GB of RAM installed, which is a reasonable amount for most people — even relatively high-end gamers. Unfortunately, some computers especially laptops do not have removable RAM cartridges, so be sure to check computfr you spend money on an upgrade.

Disk storage is another key spec to keep in mind. The kind of SSD or HDD you have affects the volume of data that can be stored on your computer and how fast those files can load and transfer data. To see what kind of disk your machine uses, and what its capacity is, click Components on the left navigation panel, then click Storage and finally Disks.

Here, look at Media Type windows 10 specs computer free download Size. But before cleaning up your hard drive, back up anything important. Formatting your hard drive can also help revive an ailing machine. Freee track of all your computer specs and other components is time-consuming.

Avast Driver Updater scans more than 25 million software sources online, checking to see if any of your hardware drivers can be updated. Keep your computer running smoothly and solve driver issues effortlessly with Avast Driver Updater. Try Avast Windows 10 specs computer free download Updater for free to identify and fix your vulnerable drivers hassle-free.

Other Threats. Internet of Things. See all Security articles. IP Address. See all Privacy articles. Select windows 10 specs computer free download.

Link Copied. What are PC hardware specifications? This article contains:. How do I check my PC hardware specifications? Click System. Now click About. An information screen will display letting you review your computer specs. Core is a type of Intel processor aimed at everyday, mid-level needs. Check your storage Disk storage is another key spec to keep in mind.

Get the best out of your system Keeping track of all your computer specs and other components is time-consuming. You might also like Turbocharge your Android with Avast Cleanup. Protect your iPhone from threats with free Wibdows Mobile Security.

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Not every Windows user is happy with File Explorer, the default utility for managing the contents of your drives. Fortunately, there are numerous third-party tools that can serve as alternatives, such as My Computer for Windows While it is not a particularly advanced file management utility, it does offer an interesting feature, namely the ability to share files on a local network using generated QR codes.

As you can see from the screenshots, this is not a very complex piece of software. It features a relatively simple user interface, similar to that of File Explorer. From the sidebar, you can access a few utilities and websites. You can add new website shortcuts, but it does not seem to be possible to add new apps.

You can open multiple folders in separate tabs and switch between them easily. If multiple computers or mobile devices are connected to the same network, you can share media content quite easily. My Computer for Windows 10 enables you to generate a QR code after selecting a file, which can then be scanned from an Android or iOS device to open the content in a browser.

It can make it easy to open files on various devices connected to the same network, even smartphones. My Computer for Windows File Explorer alternative for Windows 10 users that enables you to share files on a local network using QR codes that can be scanned by mobile devices.

My Computer for Windows 10 was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu. New in My Computer for Windows 10 2. Read the full changelog. Load comments. My Computer for Windows 10 2. All rights reserved.


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